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of the Caribbean.
While Eden South.com is always open,
due to our busy field research and
production hours,
please restrict calls to us between
the hours of 7PM - 11PM.
Our toll-free number is
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340-998-5186 is our local number.

What we do -
Eden South is located on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
We are an ever-changing company dedicated, completely, to the
authentic cultural products, local arts and crafts, and foods of the Virgin
Islands. We uphold sustainable and ecological harvesting and promote
organic products as far as possible. We support traditional artisans and
craftsmen and endeavor to bring their work to the world. We believe in a
fair living-wage for craftsmen and encourage cottage industry as a way
of supressing deep poverty and continuing a culture into the next
generation. Through our photographs, we hope to offer to our own island
people, a view of themselves, not often seen. May it inspire them to
The Best of St. Croix
About Us
Why we do what we do -
We started with one t-shirt. It was a challenge to illustrate a Crucian
recipe for someone and put it on a t-shirt, but that was our beginning.
Other t-shirts have come about in response to tropical botanical
It is our hope that through our t-shirt line, our Crucian Bookstore, our
craft items and our photographs, that we can reach the younger
generations and encourage them to pick up the mantle of their culture
and keep it alive.
For visitors and islanders alike in the diaspora, away from St. Croix, we
hope to bring you, through all of our products, fond memories of the
time you spent here and let you keep a piece of the island with you
wherever you may be. For those entirely new to the experience of St.
Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands -
Thank you for taking the time to visit with us.
Who we are -
The founder and operator of Eden South is Mariel J. deChabert-Percy,
artist and designer. Our founder's research into the familiar plants of
long ago take her far into the interior of the rainforest (and people's
backyards) to capture the essence of the plants in their native habitats.
She studies their forms and revisits the locations several times to
faithfully render the images of the various stages of plant development.
For recipe t-shirts, she searches out the most authentic recipes
conferring with the finest reference guides available - our elders.
Their recollection of recipes - made the original way - are then
presented so that everyone, and especially the young ones, can learn
and carry on the culture.

Our other staff members are freelance photographers who attend
functions to help us digitally recreate the full flavor of St. Croix.

Additionally, we are assisted by suggestions from our site's viewers.
We try to implement as many of your suggestions as we can while
remaining true to the vision.

It is this designer's hope that by coming to know the various rainforest
plants and trees, we will see the rainforest - not as a tangled mass of
deep green - but as individual, beneficial plants that we have reason to
Eden South
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