All of our uniquely designed T-shirts and other products are created and packaged on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and are not available anywhere else on Earth.

Our T-Shirts are Hanes Brand and our printing process is colorfast and long lasting.

If you are On-Island - T-shirts are available for purchase at the following stores: Cultural Creations, Cache of the Day, and St. Croix Botanical Gardens.
Click on the thumbnails below to see the designs.

Crucian Cuisine Tees
These tees tell the story of our food heritage on St. Croix. These are authentic recipes, use them well.

Crucian Pride Tees
Show off the colorful history of St. Croix, it's names, it's cultures, it's varied personalities.

Fruit Tree Tees
View our colorful T-shirts featuring vanishing and rare fruit trees. Reaquaint yourself with the favorite old-time fruits of your childhood and learn their surprising medicinal qualities.

Herbacious Tees
Herbs come in an amazing array of forms. See what favorites we've picked!

Vining Fruit Tees
Fruiting vines scale the sides of houses and twine through trees seeking the light,dropping ripe fruit one at a time as they climb.

Calendars unique to the Crucian undersea scene by local diver Kasey Canton.
The Best of St. Croix
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