In our store, you will find books on St. Croix and the Virgin Islands culture written by Virgin Islanders and Virgin Islands researchers. These books are good for reminiscing, geneological research on family history, island history and are generally good reading.
Here you will find the works of Richard Schrader,Sr. and Dr. Arnold Highfield, among others.

We are now featuring our newest writer Patricia Gill. Her historical novels about St. Croix are intriguing and sprinkled with island politics. We think you will enjoy her writing.

Grab a book and disappear into the tropics for a few hours!

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by Patricia Gill

In the time of upheaval, between 1820 and 1850, democracy and the idea of freedom foments in the minds of the people of the European-owned Caribbean Islands. On St. Croix, in 1848, the idea becomes a reality led by a black man named Gottlieb, but better known as Buddhoe.

Soft Cover
Published 1976
175 Pages
Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 76-53162


Slavery in the Danish West Indies : A Bibliography
by Arnold R. Highfield and George F. Tyson

This is a reference book for researchers and students seeking resources for their own scholarly works on slavery in the West Indies. The book documents and describes 495 books and scholarly articles which can be used for research on Denmark and Africa, Abolition, Conditions of Slavery, Resistance, Emancipation, Free Blacks, Education, Religion, and legal aspects of slavery.

Soft Cover
First Edition 1994
96 Pages
ISBN: 0-916611-15-9


Notes of a Crucian Son
by Richard A. Schrader, Sr.

This book details memories of the author's early life and early 20th century life at Fredensborg, Barren Spot, Anna's Hope, Bethlehem and more.

Hardcover with Black and White Photos
Second Edition 2004
105 Pages
ISBN: 1-930381-06-9


A Musical Journey and Other Stories
by Richard A.Schrader, Sr.

This book tells the history of Crucian musical talents such as Wilford Pedro, Edgar M. Iles, Walter H. Thomas, Sylvester "Blinky" McIntosh, George Rawlins and Fernando "Water Nandy" Perez. A chronicle of Mrs, Eliza J. McBean one of the longest living Virgin Islanders is given as a finale to this tale of music, lyrics and nicknames.

Hardcover with Black and White Photos
Published in 2002
191 Pages
ISBN: 1-930381-03-4


Under de Taman Tree
by Richard A. Schrader, Sr.

Stories told under de taman tree - the traditional place of story-telling in the Virgin Islands. The stories in this book are of Frederiksted, St. Patrick's School, blacksmithing and fishing and the Fish Market.

Soft Cover with Black and White Photos
Published in 1996
142 Pages
ISBN: 0-9622987-5-1


Kallaloo - A Collection of Crucian Stories
by Richard A. Schrader, Sr.

Kallaloo is a pot of stew made up of many, many ingredients. Likewise, this book is filled with stories of old Santa Cruz - stories about Estates, canefields, business, farm life, gendarmes and prison, blacksmithing and joinery. All in one pot!

Softcover, Black & White Photos and Drawings
Published 1991
124 Pages
ISBN: 0-9622987-2-7


The Madras That Binds All Ahwe
by Richard A. Schrader, Sr.

This is the Inaugural Poem read by the poet at the Inauguration of Charles Wesley Turnbull, PhD. installing him as Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Published 2003
12 Pages
ISBN: 1-930381-04-2


The Journey from La Vallee to the Legislature
by Richard A. Schrader, Sr.

This book details the life and path of a Crucian, Patrick Williams, from his home village to the halls of the Virgin Islands Senate.

Softcover with Black and White Photos
Published 2000
79 Pages
ISBN: 1-939381-01-8


Haiku - This Other Joy
by Richard A. Schrader, Sr.

Adapting the Japanese art form, the author has brought thinking about the Caribbean, Africa, South America and the United States to new levels.

Hardcover Poetry
Published 2005
51 Pages
ISBN: 1-939381-07-7


The Americans Came
by Patricia Gill

A young descendent of New England traders born and raised in the islands soon finds that his law education and what it is meant to uphold comes into conflict with the local culture of the islands. Love, racial prejudice, prohibition and an epidemic of influenza all play their part in this wonderful novel.

Soft Cover
Published 2006 Inkwater Press
207 Pages


The Men of the 872nd Port Company and Other Stories
by Richard A. Schrader, Sr.

This book contains, stories of the author's early life and the stories of the men from the Virgin Islands who served in World War II as U.S. soldiers. Other stories are about notable Crucians like Owen Schjang, Alexander Petersen, Charles "Tappy" Seales, Alexander "Ciple" Michael, Lloyd Thomas and the Author's Niece Magnolia who survived the 9/11 World Trade Center Attack.

Hardcover with Black and White Photos
Published in 2005
136 Pages
ISBN: 1-939381-08-5


Archaeology of Names
Poems 1962-1992
by Arnold R. Highfield

Poetry of Place by the author inspired by his travels. Also, the work includes a translation of German poet Rainer Rilke's "Requiem fur eine Freundin", an early influence on the author.

Soft Cover
First Edition 1993
137 Pages
ISBN: 0-916611-12-4


Observations Upon the State of Negro Slavery in the Island of Santa Cruz 1829
Edited by Arnold R. Highfield

The edited work of Lt. Brady of the British Royal Navy is compiled in this book detailing the terrible conditions of slavery about the year 1827, near the end of the slaving era, on St. Croix. His interest in detailing what he saw adds his writings to those of other earlier observers of the phenomenon. He wrote about every aspect concerning slaves from government and the layout of the island's plantation system, to the slaves' homes, food, religion, marriage, deaths, circumstances of work, crime, obeah, punishments and the like. This work is presented in book form with an introduction by the Editor.

Soft Cover
First Edition 1996
128 Pages
ISBN: 0-916611-17-5


Cape of the Arrows
By Patricia Gill

When offered a position in a summer expedition on St. Croix, a young woman archaeological assistant's life undergoes a metamorphosis as she explores herself. Her boss has a hidden past which comes to light as well as the true nature of the ancient tribe they are excavating, the inter-island drug trade and the government sponsored underwater laboratory at Columbus Landing. A true page turner.

Soft Cover
Published 2006 Inkwater Press
181 Pages

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