The Best of St. Croix
Under the Caribbean Sea...
Our local divers get to enjoy the undersea world of the Atlantic Ocean and
the Caribbean Sea the most. For the rest of us, the photos divers take give
us a glimpse of a fascinatingly colorful universe.
These photos courtesy of R.A. Percy.
Christmas Tree Segmented Worm on top of coral.
Mixed school of various Snapper.
A Peacock Flounder.
Batwing Coral Crab among Fireworms on the sea floor.
Caribbean Reef Squid.
Caribbean Spiny Lobster.
A Green Turtle.
Seargent Major Damsel Fish on the reef.
In an octupus' garden...
Adult Spotted Drum fish among the coral.
West Indian Sea Egg - a type of Sea Urchin.
En garde! says this Spiny Lobster.
A Shortnose Batfish.
Longsnout Seahorse.
Long-Spined Sea Urchin - spines up to 8 inches long.
A balloonfish, a type of pufferfish.
Yellowline Arrow Crab visiting an open Rough Fileclam.
Blunt-Spined Brittle Stars on a Sponge.
Ballyhoo schooling.
Social Feather Duster Segmented Worm on coral.
A Seahorse and a Seargent Major among the coral.
A school of White Mullet.
Christmas Tree Worms on Coral.