The Best of St. Croix
Transfer Day 2008
Transfer Day in the Virgin Islands marks the date of March 31, 1917 when
Denmark sold the collection of islands to the United States. The Danish citizens on
the island were given the option of becoming United States citizens within ten years
of the transfer, or remaining Danish subjects and moving to Denmark. Today,
there is a question of status and some contention between groups about the
validity of the sale of the islands without a consensus vote of the then living general
population. We are witnessing, this year, the fifth Constitutional Convention's
attempt to provide for the now living population of the Virgin Islands a Constitution
of our own.
The celebration of the
Transfer took place,
again this year, at the
Lawaetz Museum in the
Mrs Sally Lawaetz
bestows an honor on Mr.
Robert Merwin.
The Santa Cruz band
performed the Danish
National Anthem and
the Virgin islands
March among other
The Danish
Ambassador, , and
Governor John
deJongh and First Lady
Cecile deJongh were
present for the
proceedings, along with
some of our older
Virgin Islanders who
were alive at the time of
the transfer.
The Delegate to
Congress for the Virgin
Islands, Dr. Donna
Christian Christiansen
and her husband were
also in attendance.
Mr. Bill Bass was the
Master of Ceremonies
representing the
Friends of Denmark
Pastor Wakefield of the
Frederiksted Lutheran
Church - known as the
Dane Church - is here
giving the final blessing.
Musical selections from
our youth.
The quadrille dance is
performed also by a
younger set of Virgin
After the ceremony was
completed, the
luncheon began.
While lunch was being
served, we heard
selected poems
recited by their author,
the celebrated Virgin
Islands poet, Mr.
Richard Schrader.
The Governor speaks
with many of the day's