The Best of St. Croix
Special Olympics Meet 2009
Part 3
Throughout the morning as the games were being played, medals were being
awarded for each completed event. Many officials took turns handing out the
medals and congratulating the participants.
Senator Wayne James gives out medals to the wheelchair racers.
Major General Renaldo Rivera pepares to present medals.
Volunteer Mark Vinzant calls out the next winners' names.
Senator Wayne James prepares to award a medal.
A little bit of posing for the camera.
Lt. Governor and Mrs. Francis clap for the winners.
Senator Neville James was the next presenter of medals.
Our next presenter was Senator Terrence 'Positive" Nelson.
The horn was played as each group got their medals.
The Lt. Governor Gregory Francis and his wife Cheryl also
gave out medals and awards to the exuberant winners.
This little politician scored a kiss from the Second Lady.
Toward the end of the games, near Noon, it was time for the participants
to be served lunch, as an end to their morning of activities.
After lunch there was even time to get in a little dancing to
the music of DJ Myron as a fitting celebratory end to the day.