The Best of St. Croix
Special Olympics Meet 2009
Part 2
We continue with runners going around the track.
Meanwhile, Group 9 was headed for the softball throw.
Across the field, another race was about to begin.
Everybody gets three chances to throw.
The gun goes off for another race.
Group 6 lines up for a race.
Here they come, timekeepers ready...
Back to the long jump for boys this time.
Time for the girls to race.
A little encouragement.
Two medalists admire their new medals.
Determining the winners.
Another set of racers approach the finish line.
Meanwhile, over at the basketball court, athletes showed
their skills with a ball.
The object of this game is to bounce the ball in and out of the line as
fast as you can as many times as you can before the time runs out.
On the tennis court another group was lobbing them over the net.
Up on the track, races continued.
It doesn't matter if you cross the finish line going
forward or backward, either way, you are a winner.
The Second Lady Cheryl Francis poses with the athletes.
Continued in Part 3...