The Best of St. Croix
Special Olympics Meet 2009
Part 1
Each year since the 1970's V.I. students with special needs gather at
Renaissance Park for a test of their skills. This program was started by Janice
Lee, back when the program of Special Olympics was first started in the states.
The program has grown to what it is today, a day to be triumphant over bodies
that may not always follow what the mind says it wants to do. It is a day to be a
Registration begins and volunteers are coordinated by Mrs. Lee.
Volunteers hand out the t-shirts and other passes.
DJ Myron kept the scene lively and sporty.
Club members get organized to assist with the games.
Mr. Lee was also on hand to assist with the organizing, as was the entire Lee family.
Volunteers over here.
After getting instructions everyone was ready to go.
The parade begins.
The oldest volunteer is recognized by Mrs. Lee.
The Star Spangled Banner is sung by a GHS student.
And a singer was found, at the last minute, for the Virgin Islands March.
The benediction was made to open the ceremonies.
Administrator Pete Encarnacion was Master of Ceremonies.
The staff of the Governor's Office and those of his Cabinet
that were present were asked to present themselves.
Plaques of appreciation were given out to longtime volunteers.
Several Senators also attended the event.
The Olympic torch was lit and the runners were off to
run one lap with the flame.
The flame is handed off in relay fashion and heads for the finish line.
And now the games can begin.
Timekeepers coordinate their stopwatches.
The first race is on.
During another race there was a spill....
And a great recovery.
Long jumpers show their stuff.
Continued in Part 2....