The Best of St. Croix
Mango Melee 2008 - Part 1
The Mango Melee extravaganza, as always was a treat for a summer
afternoon. Vendors and craftspersons had their locally produced
wares on display, while inside the main pavillion, local fruits and
especially mangos were on display for all to see the variety. There
were also mango tastings and a flea market.
This year, the event was packed, the parking situation was tricky. Cars were
parked from the roadside on Queen Mary Highway to well inside St. George.
Mango tasting at the Bodine Center.
Vendors selling sweet wares, cakes, tarts, and local drinks.
A walk through the garden is required to go from one pavillion to
the other. Beauty is all around as one walks.
Selecting colors for a face painting.
Coquito, the local version of eggnog but with a punch.
After our walk, we enter the main pavillion where there are
other vendors of jellies and sauces and the mangos are
on display.
And now, for a look at the varieties of fruits on display.
Many of the fruits grown in the islands never make it to the mainland
table. This is due to the short ripening stage where a fruit becomes
overripe very quickly. Therefore, the long trip to the states and the
shelf life requirements cannot be met by many of these most sought
after delights. You have to be here or get them as preserves.
So many types of bananas. There are around 200
varieties worldwide.
Oranges stay green when ripe and will only turn orange
when the temperature drops to the high 60's Farenheit.
And now for some more mango varieties.
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