The Best of St. Croix
The Governor In Frederiksted 2008
Governor John P. deJongh held a Luncheon on the West End of St. Croix,
speaking at the Fort Frederick Museum to a packed house of West Enders
who wanted to hear about the new plans for the revitalization of the town. In
evidence were many who voiced concerns and the Governor listened and
took note of them all. A full slate of Cruiseship calls for the new year and the
establishment of Diagio's Captain Morgan Rum, here on the West End,
were the highlights of the event.
Our Town Frederiksted's Al Franklin opened the event
by way of prayer with the help of one of the priests at St.
Patrick's Catholic Church.
The President of Our Town Frederiksted also detailed
the organizations' many accomplishments for the year
and spoke of the future plans for the town.
The Governor gives his speech.
With the assistance of Mrs. Gloria Vaglio Peel, the
Governor took questions from the audience. This first
question from Ann Abramson on the conditions of the
Another question from the Homeowners Association of
Williams' Delight.
A question about Cruise ships.
The questions continue.
The Governor listens intently.
A gift for the Governor.
The doorprize winner gets gift certificates to various
stores around town. I was one number off!
Lunch was being served as the final part of the event.