The Best of St. Croix
Food Fair 2008
The Food Fair of 2008 was a half-holiday this year and started at 12:00 Noon with
the ribbon cutting by the Governor. This year's Food Fair is dedicated to the
cooking of Jeanette Rouse Cochrane.
A tall bowl of
Kallaloo with a ball
of fungi.
The number of food
preparers this year
was greater than in
years past, so booths
were set up outside of
the covered market.
Senator Usie Richards
leaving with two plates.
The Governor John P.
deJongh and the Lt.
Governor Gregory
Francis talk with the
The Second Lady
Cheryl Francis and one
of her longtime friends.
Clint Ferris' booth
featured cooking by men,
an uncommon occurence
here in the islands. His
beef soup is in the pot.
Roti anyone? Roti is an
East Indian dish of
Curried meat or fish and
potatoes wrapped in a
flat roti bread.
Clothes, jewelry and
crafts were also on sale.
Lilliana Belardo was
busy in her booth.
Some of St. Croix's
Laverne Bates plates
her Vienna Cake.
Everyone was doubling
up today.
The Out-of-Towners.
The Governor and First
Lady Cecile deJongh
begin the ceremony to
honor Mrs. Cochrane.
The Lady of the Day is
presented with a
plaque by the First
Then she is presented
with a bouquet of
flowers by the Second
The Commissioner of
Tourism. Beverly
Nicholson-Doty was
present for the festivities.
Mrs. Samuel telling a
tale of food.
A little rice and beans to
finish off the day.