The Best of St. Croix
Botanical Gardens Flower & Fine Arts Show 2008
Today is the Flower and Fine Arts Show at St. George Village Botanical
Gardens. On display will be spectacular blooms and amazing arwork by
local artists. All to raise funds to support the garden. A fun frolic through
the flowers and the art is in store for all.
We enter the Great
Hall to view the art
and hibiscus
Only the best blooms
are on display here.
An interesting
arrangement and
unusual bloom.
And now for the
Calabash gourd
arts and crafts.
And here displayed
are the bonsai trees.
And outside along
the food vendors'
area, there were an
assortment of
The cannonball tree
and its fruit.
The trunk of an
Indian Almond tree.
Fiery colored crotons.
More crotons.
Studying the ruins of
a bygone age among
the beautiful foliage.