The Best of St. Croix
Festival Food Fair
December 2008
This year the Festival Food Fair was in honor of Ms. Lynch a favorite cook
known to most discerning palates on St. Croix. Also, this year the Food Fair
was held at Buddhoe Park and the Customs House Square instead of the
Ann Heyliger Vegetable Market, since it is undergoing repairs. In this
location, many more cooks were accommodated under tents and kiosks.The
largest change we observed was the number of younger cooks taking up the
aprons of their mothers and grandmothers and continuing the tradition.
Governor John P. deJongh, Jr. speaks with a fair-goer who already picked
what she wanted to eat. Perhaps she can give him a recommendation.
It proved to be a long day for the cooks. People arrived at 10AM for the
event which officially started at 11AM.
Local crafts were also on display and for sale.
Then the honors were bestowed on Ms. Lynch, the cook of the day.
Miss St. Croix proffered flowers, Bradley Christian, an old-time apron
with tucks, the Governor, a coal pot art piece, and the Delegate to
Congress Donna Christensen a plaque.
Then, Senator Sean Michael Malone spoke about the importance of the
food fair and explained the change of location. Brad Nugent of the
Department of Tourism also spoke and Governor John P. deJongh, Jr.
gave the closing remarks. Then it was back to savoring the delicacies.
Crab and Rice and all the trimmings.
And of course, we have to have a piece of Renita Johannes' cake.
Ms. Lynch in action at her booth.
The First Lady Cecile deJongh in line to order.
And then we have to get our cakes, tarts and candies from Laverne Bates.
Sister Samuel had her crochet crafts on sale.