The Best of St. Croix
Donkey Races 2008
This year's Emancipation Week Donkey Races were organized by the Gentlemen
of Jones in conjunction with the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Foundation.
This year, many people turned out for the races, to look and to have a go at riding
one of the wild donkeys brought in from the island of St. John.
There was anticipation at the start of the event as people
arrived and situated themselves for the best view.
And they're off! In the most organized fashion around a
course that a donkey could be made to follow.
Push, pull, plead.
The idea is to hold on all the way around the field.
And look where she ends up...way over there.
Eeyore was enjoying the day with his fellow donkeys.
Pam Richards tells the crowd about the week's activities.
Senator Jimi Weber talk to constituents.
Delegate to Congress Donna Christian Christiansen
enjoying the day with friends and family.
Dads having fun with their children.
Everyone had lots of fun. See you there next year!