The Best of St. Croix
United Way Chili Cook-Off 2008
The United Way sponosored their annual Chili Cook-Off Beachside at the Divi
Carina Bay Resort and Casino. The winner of this event, again, goes off to
Terlingua Texas to compete in the National Chili Competition held there. We
went to eat some good chili.
We entered the contest
grounds from the East
gate where the Rotary
Club had a car raffle
set up. The crowd was
large this year.
We went over to the
tent to get our taste
tickets and drink
tickets before heading
to the booths.
Hmm... let's try this
rawhide chili first. I hope
it doesn't taste like
rawhide! No, it tastes
We're over at the
Veggie chili area, some
of them are quite good.
Now these are some
good chili makers, and
their cornbread... mm,
mm, mm. It is wonderful.
I sense a cowboy theme
to this here booth. Good
chili too.
Some youngsters are
the cooks at this booth.
This chili is fiery and
good tasting with all the
The booth designs were
far better this year than
before. This one even
had a sombreroed chap
with bandolero of shot
glasses instead of
Here is that Firehouse
Chili again.
And the youngsters chili
again, too. We had to
re-taste if you know what
I mean.
While we ate, the Outlaws
in Paradise played all
those favorite cowboy
Back for more tickets.
Down on the beach is a