The Best of St. Croix
Calypso Monarch Finals 2008
The Calypso Monarch Finals, sponsored by the Crucian Christmas Festival
Organization, Inc. takes place at Island Center for the Performing Arts. It is the
most contentious event of the year. Calypsonians square off seriously to see who
will reign as Monarch for the coming year. The winner usually rides in the Three
Kings Day Parade in the New Year. Every year after several eliminations, the top
of the pack then vie for the crown - an honor proudly worn for an entire year - until
the next year's clever songs come out. King Generic won last year. Will he hold on
to his crown this year?
It will be a full house for the show, as it is every year. Our seats
are in row M, so we are quite a ways back in the audience.
First on stage is Barry Dias playing the National Anthem and
the Virgin Islands March.
DJ Bad Company and MC Bogle are Masters of Ceremony,
they are ready to get the party started.
Our opening acts are by Calypso Elimination Alternates
Joseph "JoeyB" Brown and Elvis "Tumba" Liburd.
And the shoes match the suit.
Bad Company, the quick change artist, came on the announce
the beginning of the contest. We begin with Elizabeth Watley
singing 'Obama Rock'.
Next was Kasaun "K-Force" Baptiste singing 'Don't Thief from
the Government'.
Next was Prince Emanuel singing 'Let's Reach Out', a song
about gun violence and the youth.
The next contender was Campbell "King-Kan-Fuc-Pentae" Barnes
singing 'I'm Still Alive', a song about the rumors of his untimely demise.
He emerges from a casket after a radio announcer tells of his death.
Next up was last year's reigning Calypso Monarch Morris "King
Generic" Benjamin singing 'Yes We Are Ready'.
And then, next on the stage was Samuel "Mighty Pat" Ferdinand
singing his tribute 'Obama Rock'.
Dancing Obama was followed by Augustine "Liberator" St. Louis
singing 'Stone Legacy'.
The last contestant was Gemma "Gemma" Noel singing
'Murders in the VI'.
It was time for intermission. After the break, round two begins.
First up after the intermission was Mighty Pat singing 'What
L-E-A-C Stands For'.
Next was King-Kan-Fuc-Plentae singing 'Talkin' Straight'.
K-Force was next on the stage singing 'We Like It So'.
Prince Emanuel sang 'News Just Out'.
Liberator was next with 'Boom-Boom Jam'.
He was followed by Elizabeth Watley singing 'He Want to Come'.
King Generic was up next singing 'Hurricane'.
Gemma was the final contenstant singing 'Lovely USVI'.
After a few jokes the MC's clared the stage for the special guests.
The "Mighty Scrunter" from Dominica and "King Short Shirt"
veteran calypsonian from Antigua with many records to his name.
King Short Shirt wowwed the crowd, which sang along
to all his familiar hits.
It was then time to announce the winners. Points were tallied on
Lyrics, Melody, Clarity, Presentation, Originality, and Rendition.
This year Campbell "King-Kan-Fuc-Plentae" Barnes overthrew
King Generic to become the new Calypso Monarch 2008-2009.