The Best of St. Croix
Agrifest 2008 - Part 3
And over at the
Communications tent...
Information about
telephone and cable tv
was being given out.
Now we are headed on
the promenade toward
the food booth and food
pavillion area. On the
way we hear steel pan
music rendered by one
of the high school
Booths of pates, johnny
cakes, and fried chicken
line the promenade.
Mango trees arch
overhead in full bloom
and fruit.
The ducks int he pond
have never seen so
much action.
Crossing the bridge.
There is a long line at
Armstrong Icecream's
Today there will be a
Maubi contest. Maubi is
a local drink made up of
various herbs and barks
with ginger and is
slightly fermented. It is
cool going down and
then turns fiery. Ah!
The entrants.
A food demonstration
of vegetarian cuisine.
At the old-time house
with the pussa
(home-made boat)
leaned up.
There were many
varieties and they
certainly did look meaty.
And into the old time
store with its wheels of
cheese, dried saltfish
and other items.
This crowd is for the
roast pork.
And into the main Food
Pavillion we go.
The judges gather for
the Maubi contest.
Horseshoe cookies.
Something I haven't
seen since childhood.
The lady in Durant
Tower used to make
Assorted tarts and
cakes. Guava, coconut,
guavaberry, pineapple.
Ms. Johannes had run
out of my favorite
Cream Cake by the
time I came around. But
she is happy to have
sold all her wares.
Sugarcake, ginger
sugarcake, dundesla,
lozenges - all sorts of
And music was being
belted out for the
entertainment of the
crowd. There was music
all over the fairgrounds
each day.
And the most
spectacular hairdo of
the fair, this year.
Headed back down the
promenade we pass
those delicious pates
And over to the vendors'
Mr. Schrader, noted
author and poet laureate.
And there was a Junior
Calypso Exhibition.
Youngsters sang their
hearts out for a big
Our last stop was WAPA
V.I. Water and Power
Authority's booth to see
what was new.