The Best of St. Croix
Agrifest 2008 - Part 2
And off to the animal
The trolley was
available, but we chose
to walk.
On the way, we passed
through some of the
other display tents set
up for government
Peacocks in the
foreground, goose in
the background.
Rabbits and fowl.
A ewe and her lamb.
A rabbit.
Baby chicks on the top
shelf. White egg and
brown egg layers.
Boer goats. A breed
farmers are trying to
develop here on St.
Croix because of their
superior qualities.
An emu being
The petting zoo.
And now for the cows...
A highly decorated
Senepol cattle. A breed
native to St. Croix,
crossbred for superior
qualities of meat and
heat tolerance.
And so we move over to
the Renewable Energy
display area.
Kelly Gloger of Solar
Delivered showed a new
solar hot water heater
that is made of stainless
steel and is lighter than
conventional models.
The V.I. Energy Office
had a solar panel on
display collecting
power for its various
lighting displays.
And on through the
fairgrounds we wander.
The buzz of bees. The
first line in pollenation.
See Agrifest Part 3 for