The Best of St. Croix
Agrifest 2008 - Part 1
This year's Agriculture and Food Fair took place on the grounds of the Lower
Love Agricultural Station, the traditional home of the fair. The Fair has been
growing over the past several years. Due to the growing demand from farmers
and consumer's alike, this year is devoted to Agribusiness, something we need to
Entering through the
Western gate, we see
the blimp and the
National Guard's booth.
This year's vegetable
pavillion is named for
John and Pearl Duberry.
The V.I. Farmer's
Cooperative Booth.
Breadfruit in front and
calabaza pumpkin
Some very large yams.
Collards and other
The mocko Jumbies are
in the building, checking
out the farmers.
Giving directions.
At HOVENSA's booth it
was all about oil. The
youngsters lined up to
get school supplies after
listening to a talk on oil
A display catches a
passing youngster's eye.
The culinary studies class
at the Complex showed
their techniques and food
An agricultural experiment.
We Grow Food out of St.
Thomas attended the fare
and brought over their
Booths with ground
provisions brought from
other islands.
The Antigua and Barbuda
Jams and Jellies from St.
Sugarcane stalks for
And then, we headed
outdoors to see other
booths and tents and
This photo had a small
problem tranferring, but I
wanted to nclude it
anyway. Such a beautiful
We head off to the
animals. See Agrifest
2008 Part 2...