The Best of St. Croix
Agricultural Fair 2009 Part 3
And so, leaving the animal exhibits, we venture on to the East and the Gwendolyn
Fludd Food Pavillion.
As we went towards the food, the Ebenezer Methodist Steel
Orchestra was playing for the enjoyment of fair-goers. They
are very skilled at playing the steel drums.
On the promenade between Plant and Food Pavillions.
There is the regular fare of fried fish, chicken legs,
chichen wings and johnny cakes under the hot lights.
Another improvement, the list of booth cooks.
Over at the wood burning oven, the people gathered for
the roast pork and breads being sold.
The old-time house museum was open as well.
The theme this year seemed more patriotic due in part
to the recent presidential elections.
A big pot of Kallaloo. Bowls of Kallaloo.
Various paintings appeared throughout the fairgrounds.
This one depicts an Arawak or Carib Indian couple.
The cooks looked as good as the food. Elaborate headties are
part of the cultur and they certainly look better than hairnets.
Conch in butter sauce served with rice and vegetables.
And of course, hot sauce goes with just about everything.
An attractive display.
Local drinks like limeaide, passionfruit and sorrel.
A plate of roast pork, baked macaroni, seasoned rice,
potato stuffing and vegetables.
And then we go to the booths on the outside of the building.
The musical entertainment of the afternoon.