The Best of St. Croix
Agricultural Fair 2009 - Part 2
As we continued through the Grantley Samuel Vegetable Pavillion, we saw more
booths showcasing products of other islands in the Caribbean.
Here is the entry of the British Virgin Islands Dept. of Agriculture.
They had just finished having their own Agfest a few weeks before.
The meat in this Calabaza Pumpkin was about three
inches thick with a tight grain. Just amazing!
Maubi bark is used to make our Maubi drink.
Many prepackaged spices were offered at the Grenada
(the Spice Island) booth, nutmeg, cinnamon, and small
spice gift baskets among them.
Cassava (Manioc) bread made from cassava meal on
display at the St. Kitts and Nevis booth..
A very large yam.
This year, Puerto Rico also showcased its island-made products.
Friends of the Libraries also had a booth to encourage
reading in the Territory. Do you have a library card?
Lovely artwork from the tree of reading to the moon and
stars, reading can take you anywhere!
The Fair is always a great time to have a family photo
taken. Record the passing years.
Anthuriums bloom.
Sweet Potatoes at Smithen.
Uniform growth and quantity achieved by hydroponic
farming in a small area of land.
Hydroponic lettuce.
And then we looked at the school booth displays.
Some healthy looking plants at Lew Muckle Elementary's
booth. We're headed over to the Animal Pavillion.
The Livestock Pavillion this year is named for the Virgin
Islands Farmers' Cooperative.
The petting zoo acquainted chindren with animals.
Then we went on to see the big boys.
These bulls weigh over 2000 pounds each.
This bull is so big that it takes a composite photo to
show his full length!
A new feature of the fairgrounds are these new stations.
A goat smiles for the camera.
And on to the sleeping pigs.
These pigs are also quite large. Roast pork on the hoof.
To be continued in Part 3