The Best of St. Croix
Agricultural Fair 2009 - Part 1
Each year, the St. Croix Agricultural Station puts on an Agricultural Festival -
from food on the hoof, to food from the ground to ready to eat food - all are
featured amid a backdrop of flowering mango trees, music and a variety of
shows and demonstrations, and visiting vendors from neighboring islands. This
year, the weather was cool and a bit rainy, but the show went on, with the last day
of the three being the most popular.
From the parking lot we entered by the Main gate.
Members of PAL were on hand to assist in the crossings.
The booklet this year.
Vendors line the entrance.
The hard workers of Innovative Communications.
One of the many mango trees in full bloom.
The Department of Health and the young nurses were
conducting free tests and giving flu shots.
Boating Week and a car cut by the Jaws of Life are shown here.
The renewable energy folks were demonstrating at their booths.
Demonstration of how hot water is made from renewable sources.
The Energy Office was also on hand to show off renewables.
Various types of PV Panels. We've got lots of sun here!
Another example of solar generation of energy.
This little house seemed to be a model of efficiency. From
the rainbarrel to catch water, the flourescent light bulbs, the
open air windows for natural breeze and the solar water
heater. It showed what could be done.
Meanwhile, Love City Pan Dragons were playing for our enjoyment.
We next went to the demonstration booths of the V.I. Water
and Power Authority - WAPA. We must say that it was a
most impressive set up.
First was the water testing station. Here we learned how the
scientists measure pollutants in the water and test for quality.
Then it was on to the station showing how your water consumption is
read, the meters that are used and how the water lines are set up to
come to your house.
More on testing of the water for pH and desolved solids.
Then there was a display of the awesome power of electricity.
This demo was to show the children not to play around with
electicity they may come in contact with on any given day.
The demo showed arcing of a powerline, what to do if a
powerline touched the roof of your school bus, what will
happen to you if you touch electrical equipment, etc.
Can you see the electicity arc or jump to the kite?
And this is what can happen if you touch a live wire.
This station showed how the pressure is regulated with
guages at WAPA.
Next was the station showing the various feeders and
distribution areas of the power grid, and it was in real time!
And then at this station was a model of the waste heat recovery
boiler, which makes more energy from recovered heat.
And there were ladies on hand from the Business Office
to give you information about reading your meter and
also taking any complaints that you might have.
And we are on our way to the Farmer's market, this time in
honor of Grantley Samuel, a devoted and consistent farmer.
Around the vegetable display building were other stands
of products from other islands, more than last year.
This St. Lucian booth had all sorts of goodies; vanilla
beans, cocoa, cinnamon and crafts.
Here at the Guyana booth, there were slippers, roti
bread plates and other kitchen utensils.
Inside the vegetable pavillion, there were more vendors of
fruits and vegetables from other countries in the Caribbean
as well as local Crucian farmers and their produce.
Continued in Part 2....