January 1
New Year's Day (Holiday)
This is the first day of the year and we celebrate the day in the Caribbean. The Christmas season of the year before has not worn off yet nor is it over until Three Kings. Visit with family and friends and visit the other islands too.
January 7
Three Kings' Day Parade (Holiday)
The parade had over 40 entries last year.
January 16
Martin Luther King's Birthday (Holiday)
This day spent in reflection of a great man.
February 17, 18, 19, 20 (Holidays)
Presidents' Day Weekend - Three Days Off 19th Annual Caribbean Fine Arts Exhibit at Good Hope School's Pavilion.    
Agriculture and Food Fair
The Agriculture and Food Fair is held at the Lower Love fairgrounds. Entries come from many island nations.
February 20
Car Racing at Bethlehem.
Horse Racing at Randall "Doc" James Racetrack.
February 25
Mardi Croix Parade St. Croix Orchid Society Show All the most beautiful orchids are exhibited at the Legion Hall.
March 10, 11, 12
Flower and Fine Arts Show
The 12th Annual Flower & Fine Arts Festival at St. George Village Botanical Gardens - March 10, 11, 12.
St. Croix Pony Club Rally - Dressage and Show Jumping Competition. March 10, 11, 12. St. Croix 2006 Special Olympics Virgin Islands Games - Renaissance Park. March 11
March 17
St. Patrick's Day Usually associated with a Parade in the town of Christiansted. This year the parade will be on March 18. Opening of 3rd Edition of "Transfer". Dual Contemporary art installations at the St. Croix Museum Center and Fort Frederik.
March 19
18th Annual Starving Artists Day at Whim Museum -
Local Arts and Crafts and Foods
Annual Royak Regatta - This time it's around Culebra.
March 25-26
Battle at the Beach
1st Annual "Battle at the Beach" Martial Arts Tournament.
March 26
Women's Coalition Block Party - 25th
The Women's Coalition holds a block party celebration of their 25th Anniversary.
Horse Racing at the Randall "Doc" James Race Track.
March 31
Transfer Day (Holiday) On this date in 1917, the Virgin Islands changed ownership from Denmark to the United States. A "Changing of the Flag" ceremony was performed and today, a holiday is observed yearly to commemorate the event. Closing of Contemporary Art installation "Transfer".
April 1 (April Fool's Day) The Virgin Islands Shooting Sports Federation holds a Shooting Competition and Training at the Marksmanship Range.
April 2
The United Way of St. Croix hosts the 5th Annual Chili Cook-Off at Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort. Vegetarian chili cookers are welcome to compete. Hispanos Unidos de las Islas Virgenes 4th Annual Kite Festival on the lawn of the University of the Virgin Islands. West Is Best Triathlon - Swim, Bike, and Run from Northside Road to Sandy Point. Preparation for the Half Ironman in May.
April 9
Antiques Auction
23rd Annual Whim Museum Antiques Auction - Sponsored by the St. Croix Landmarks Society
April 13
Holy Thursday (Holiday)
Beginning of the Government Holidays for Easter. Official Holiday in the VI.
6th Annual Taste of St.Croix Food & Wine Festival - Divi Carina Bay Resort & Casino
Taste of St. Croix 2006
April 14
Good Friday (Holiday)
Official Holiday in the Territory.
April 16
Easter Sunday
A day of Church, bright colors and the Easter Bunny.
Horse Races at the Randall "Doc" James Race Track.
April 17
Easter Monday (Holiday)
April 20-23
Women's Coalition 14th Annual Tennis Classic held at the Buccaneer Hotel.
April 22 - Earth Day
St. Croix's Earth Day - Day that the Trash Bash artist-painted bins are scheduled be placed all around the island.
April 28 - 29
VI Carnival Days (Holidays)
Carnival is celebrated on the island of St. Thomas, although it is a holiday for all four islands. There is a Children's Parade and an Adult Parade.
May 7
St. Croix Half Ironman Race
St. Croix has been hosting the Half Ironman competition and the Triathlon for years. Who will win this time?
May 14 - Mother's Day
Take Mom out for dinner and give her the gift of yourself.
May 29
Memorial Day - (Holiday)
Horse Races at the Randall "Doc" James Race Track.
June 8-11
Second Annual Celebrity Golf Classic. Held at Carambola Beach and Golf Resort and sponsored by the University of the Virgin Islands Foundation.
June 16
Sunset Jazz
This session is dedicated to the memory of Gregory Bennerson.
June 18
Father's Day - Treat your Dad to something nice.
June 19
Organic Act Day (Holiday)
The VI Constitution Day. The Organic Act is the document that contains the laws and statutes that we are governed by. Last revised in 1958.
July 1
Donkey Races at the Randall "Doc" James Race Track - Races arranged by the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Foundation.
July 2
Mango Melee at the St. George Village Botanical Gardens. Everything mango! Whatever can be made with mangoes will be made with mangoes. There will be displays of the fruit and of other tropical fruits as well.
Mango Melee 2006
Emancipation Tea Meeting - High Tea by the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Foundation. A tradition revived.
July 3
Emancipation Day (Holiday)
1848 All unfree in the Danish West Indies became free. This year's festivities - 11:00 AM - Fungi Turning Contest with Fried Fish Sauce - Fish sold separately - in Buddhoe Park. 2:00 PM - Emancipation Revolt Re-enactment at the Frederiksted Fort. 6:00 PM Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights Quadrille Dance at Customs Square Frederiksted.
Emancipation Walk to Freedom
Freedom Walk from Christiansted's Fort to Frederiksted's Fort.
Fungi Turning Contest
The 1st Annual Contest of its kind.
July 4
Independence Day
Emancipation Cultural Excursion, Dancers and Fireworks by Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Foundation in Buddhoe Park at the Frederiksted Fort.
July 15
Alexander Hamilton Jump Up 2006
July 22
Animal Shelter's Annual Clambake
The clambake was changed to this date from July 9th due to the inclement weather on the East Coast of the U.S.
July 24
Hurricane Supplication Day (Holiday)
The holiday when all Virgin Islanders are to pray for a no Hurricane Season or at least that we will be spared a direct hit.
August 18
Sunset Jazz at Fort Frederik Beach
Tonight features Eddie Russell and the QLJ Band.
Otto James on Keyboards, Mario Russell on Bass, Larry Bough on Drums and Timbales and Wilfred "Junie Bomba" Allick on Congas and Bongos.
Free admission - Sponsored by FEDA. Cash Bar and Food by Hispanos Unidos and Rotary West. Bring a beach chair!
August 27
Starving Artists Day at Whim Museum
The Starving Artist Show was held at The Whim Plantation Museum on this bright and sunny day. Many talented local artists and artisans had their artwork on display.
Labor Day Races at the Randall "Doc" James Racetrack.
September 30
STX Animal Welfare Shelter Pledge Party
Tonight, from 6-9 P.M. in the Mermaid Room of the Buccaneer Hotel, experience the fun of giving while feasting on trendy Italian cuisine, listening to relaxing live music, and sipping a drink from the cash bar, all in support of a very worthy cause.
Our Animal Welfare Center is in need of an overhaul. Any donation is welcome and will go toward rehab of the Center, food, vaccines, new animal runs, and assisting the folks with the spay/neuter program offered island-wide to owners of beloved pets.
September 4
Labor Day
In Honor of all those who work.
October 1
Fireburn Re-enactment
Contract Day in post slavery days. Tonight there is a re-enactment of the Fire Burn in the town of Frederiksted.
October 6
VI/PR Friendship & Harbor Night & Fireworks
Virgin Islands/Puerto Rico Friendship Village opens tonight in honor of Basilio Felix. DJ Carmona and the St. Croix Majorettes Fire Show, Native Rhythms and the Stoka Band are featured at the Ag. Fairgrounds.

Sunset Jazz Featuring Latin Bands in celebration of VI/PR Friendship.
Harbor Night block party in Frederiksted with fireworks to celebrate VI/PR Friendship Weekend.
October 7
VI/PR Friendship Village continues...
Tonight the Village features DJ Brache, Baile Tipicos by Hispanos Unidos, Sabor Latino and N'Klabe Band until 1 a.m.
October 8
VI/PR Friendship Village continues...
The VI/Pr Village tonight features DJ Johnny, Music In Motion Stepping Show, Weed and Seed Banjo Band, Liquid Sounds and the Digital Band.
October 9
Columbus Day/VI-PR Friendship Day
Columbus Day - Columbus landed on St. Croix in 1493 at Salt River. Some of his men were taken hostage and reportedly eaten by the Carib Indians.
Caribs say this is untrue.

We also celebrate, in festive syle, our close ties with the island Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and our shared heritage.
The Festival wraps up tonight at midnight with DJ Willy, Sabor Latino, and the XPress Band.
October 15
World Food Day
World Food Day. Food, fun, information about food, trees, raffles and tours of the Extension's fields and farm at the University of the Virgin Islands St. Croix campus.
October 16
Hurricane Thanksgiving Day (Holiday)
The holiday where all Virgin Islanders thank God for sparing us a storm. Although...the season doesn't officially end until November 30!
October 27
Sunset Jazz - Quiet Fire
Sunset Jazz at the Frederiksted Beach North of Fort Frederik. 6PM
October 28
HOVENSA turns 40! Harbor Night
Today, Hess Oil (now HOVENSA) celebrates its fortieth year on St. Croix. Harbor Night with vendors, musicians and fireworks will be taking over the town of Frederiksted.
November 1
Liberty Day/ D. Hamilton Jackson Day (Holiday)
Founding of the first Labor Union in the Virgin Islands by David Hamilton Jackson. Traditional meeting at The Tree in Grove Place and dining on "Bull and Bread", roast beef and titi bread.
November 11
Veteran's Day
We salute all of our Veterans who have served from the Virgin Islands since WWII.
November 23
Thanksgiving Day
Lots of traditional foods. Passing the cordials begins.
November 24
Holiday Jump Up in Christiansted
This Friday the Holiday Jump Up will take place in Christiansted Town from 6-10PM. Sponsored by the Christiansted Restaurant & Retail Association.
Stores will be open for Christmas shopping amid entertainment provided by local musicians and Mocko Jumbies.
November 26
Starving Artists' Fall Show
Today is the Fall Show of the Starving Artists' at Whim Greathouse.
December 6
Christmas Serenade - Christiansted
As was done long ago, Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights will play music through the neighborhoods "Foreday Mahnin" from 3AM until they're done. Bring out the Guavaberry! The Christiansted areas to be serenaded are Princesse, Est. St. John, Christiansted Town, Gallows Bay, Watergut and Harbor View. It will truly be a sleepless night! Sweet dreams.
December 7
Christmas Serenade - Frederiksted
Tonight the fete continues with the serenading of Castle Burke, Est. Grove Place, Est. Carlton, Whim, Campo Rico, Hannah's Rest and Frederiksted Town. Stanley and Dem Boys goin' be tired ya.
December 8
The Magic of Christmas at St. George Village Botanical Gardens. Silent Auction, Hors D'oeuvres, Dinner, and Live Auction of Decorated Christmas Trees.
December 9
Boat Parade - Christiansted Wharf
Tonight at the Christiansted Wharf, witness the Lighted Boat Parade as it passes through Gallows Bay and along the Christiansted Harbor. Christmas Caroling will be performed by the Gentlemen of Jones and a Fireworks display will go off courtesy of HOVENSA.
December 10
St. George Village Botanical Gardens sponsors the
Annual Christmas Spoken Here event from 11AM to 6PM. Music, choirs, food, Christmas shopping and fun.
December 25
Christmas Day
This is the traditional time of the Inkberry Tree and its decorations. Passing the cordials around to visitors and the Guavaberry Liqueur you've been brewing all year. Quelbe music accompanies the carollers serenading everyone as they play music really early in the morning. MaMa bake your johnnycake Christmas comin'.

A Christmas concert with caroling will be held, today, in Buddhoe Park, Frederiksted at 6PM.
December 26
Christmas Second Day (Holiday)
This is Boxing Day in Canada. Traditionally another day of rest in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Horse Racing today at the Randall "Doc" James Racetrack.

Tonight is the Official Opening of the Christmas Village in Frederiksted with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The opening Tramp is at 8PM starting at the Frederiksted Post Office and ending at the Village.
December 30
Cultural Night - Quelbe Tramp
Tonight there will be a Tramp, again, at 8PM from the Frederiksted Post Office to the Village. So if you missed the one on the 26th, you can still get in on the acshan!
December 31
Old Year's Night
You can spend the last night of the year as you wish, but we spend it dancing until January 1 dawns.

At 2PM today, there will be a Water Sports Competition at the Albert Edwards Fish Market Pier in Frederiksted.
January 1, 2007 - Happy New Year!
New Year's Mawnin' Tramp
You thought the trampin' was over? Well, you can still go to another one. 6AM, you've got to get ready foreday mawnin' for this one. From Frederiksted Post Office to the Village.
The Best of St. Croix
2006 Calendar of Events